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Riley car Manuals and Instruction Books
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The very first Riley Instruction book, not dated but believed to be early 1920


Riley 12 H.P. and 1 1/2 litre instruction book both 1930's.


Riley Maintenance Manual 1930-1956 by S V Haddleton, ISBN ref 0845291512, available in various editions.


Riley 9 Instruction Books and spares catalogues - issued by Messrs. Riley (Coventry) Ltd.

1946 Riley "NINE" lubrication chart and storage envelope



Maintenance of the "Nine" - Published by Riley Motors Limited, Abingdon-On-Thames. From the handwritten notes it appears this was once owned by the owner of a Riley 9 Monaco part fabric saloon MV2216 and subsequently Riley Imp AOJ431

Instruction book for the 1.5 Merlin, Stelvio, "6" spare parts and Alpine 6

Early editions of the Pitmans book of the Riley, 100 page 1st edition 1933 by R.A.Blake and 2nd edition 1939 by Warren.
Later versions of the Book of the Riley by J.A.Robson, first published by Sir Isaac Pitman in 1951, described as "A guide to 1.5 and 2.5 litre models and some 12 H.P. and 16 H.P. models"
Issue 1 on the left, 3rd edition next then without cover, then yellow dustcover edition unknown and finally with red dustcover 1952 edition.

Riley Cars by S.F.Drake published by C.Arthur Pearson, described as "A practical guide covering all models from 1936"


1933 Sales & Service bulletin

RM workshop manuals and parts list

Two Point Six Workshop Manual AKD741, Two Point Six Operation Manual AKD739B and repair schedule



One point five drivers handbook AKD750F, Four sixty-eight drivers handbook AKD1032, Pathfinder Workshop Manual AKD612 1955-57. BRN602752


Pearsons Illustrated Car Servicing 1966 including the Riley 4/68 and 4/72. BRN720745

Hornet and Elf Workshop manual AKD4062. HPSN 492 6502. Published in England by The Nuffield Press Limited, Cowley, Oxford.


Lubrication and care of the Wilson pre-selective gearbox and Armstrong Siddley Preselector Gearbox general guide

Rotax Running instructions


Repair and adjustment schedule.

One-Point-Five lubrication chart