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Riley car postcards
I own most of these postcards, others I have seen on the internet and have downloaded a copy.

Above - 90th birthday merchandise from the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, their online magazine available here :-  RACV magazine. 
The race, according to Dr Birmingham's book was "The principal event of the Australian motor racing calendar was the 200 Miles Grand Prix over a circuit on Phillip Island, off the Victoria Coast.  For the 1933 race there were 16 competitors.  Towards the end of the race, with only 25 miles to go, the lead was taken by (Bill) W. Thompson, the previous year's winner (driving a Bugatti), in his Riley 9 Brooklands.  He put in a lap at 77.2 mph to hold off the Bugatti challenge and finally won at 73.6 mph.  Only 6 cars finished."
For more information on Phillip Island look here -  Phillip Island and the Australian Grand Prix look here -  Australian Grand Prix 


Left, 1908 12/18 postcard,                                             Middle - 1909 Riley postcard,                              Right -1923 10.8hp 2 seater postcard


Left, BMC Elf postcard,                          Middle - Riley 4/68 postcard,                                            Right - 1934 Lynx on a postcard printed by E.T.W.Dennis & sons
On the back of the Elf it says :-"50's&60's CAR SERIES (B)

From an original in the Robert Opie Collection at the Museum of Advertising & Packaging.

The museum has now operating from here 

Left - Riley Pathfinder, 2.5 ltr sports saloon postcard from 1953,  Middle -  Factory issued? Riley Pathfinder postcard,   Right - On the back it says :- 101 b.h.p from the six-cylinder, 2.6 litre twin carburetter engine


Left - A limited edition postcard of just 1,000 by Noel Tatt Ltd.                                Middle - Riley 1.5 postcard,                                      Right - Riley RM postcard
            Riley 9 Monaco 1927 at Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum
                                  Halland, near Lewis, East Sussex.
Left - RM postcard from 1952,    Middle - from Totnes motor museum, A 1937 Lynx Sprite,    Right - No.4 from a set of 14 printed by J.Arthur Dixon, 1934 Riley Imp


  Left - RM 1.5 postcard                                                 Middle - 1908 12/18                                           Right - a rare 9 h.p postcard

Left - 1904 Tri-Car                             Middle - The 1st Riley car (featuring Tintin )                  Right - Freddie Dixon or Cyril Paul at the 24 hour Le Mans 1934 driving a MPH

Left - Brooklands                            Middle - 1300 BMC Kestrel                                   Right - 1904 Tricar

Left - 1934 Imp                           Middle - 1936 Sprite               Right - An Isle of Man Post Office stamp card, not a Riley but the well known Riley driver Freddie Dixon.

Left - 1929 Dantry special, reg. plate is Western Australia, "Out of the mist series",    Centre - 1934 Imp from France, Right - German collectors card.
Left - 1.5 at Monte-Carlo 1999, Right a mock first day cover.

Above - Mrs Montague Johnson at the 1933 Monte Carlo Rally in a Riley Gamecock and a 1.5 from 1957.
Above -  Piet Olyslager, well know motoring manual author also did some Riley/ERA postcards on similar lines to the Sunday Times/Spar books shown on my other page Sunday Times and Spar books

Above - left - Elf, Centre - Sprite, right - new card available on-line.
Above - left - Lynx, centre - Sprite and right - a pre-printed postcard, blank on the reverse for a message to the sales dept. 


Above - 2 Riley adverts printed on a postcards.