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Riley cars on stamps
Below - A 2010 stamp showing a 1927 Riley "Brooklands" from Puntland State of Somalia, for more information on Puntland click here :-  Puntland 
Below - A pair of stamps from a sheet of 50 issued in the 1980's showing a 1930 Riley Nine Brooklands. For info on Nevis, a small Caribbean island click here :- Nevis
Below - A pair of stamps from a sheet of 20 showing a 1950 Riley RM. For info on Tuvalu, a very small Pacific island click here :- tuvalu.
Below - A proof set of stamps featuring the same car as the one above with a value of 50p bearing the name Bernera was produced in 1984 but with no proof they were ever printed for sale, Bernera is an island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, see here for more details of the Island :-  Bernera 
Below - Riley Sprite stamp on a picture card and the actual stamp, a 1984 Classic Cars stamp from Bhutan, for more info on Bhutan click here :-  Bhutan 


To the British motoring enthusiast, the very name Riley con-
jures images of open sports and racing cars thundering to-
ward the finish line in a cloud of dust, lengths ahead of the rest
of the pack. Although Riley also marketed its share of con-
servative, modest town cars, more suitable for shopping than
for the high-speed rigors of the racing circuit, speed and
competition were the very raison o'etre for the Riley marque.

It was soon after the end of World War I that the Riley began
to establish itself in international racing competition. The best
known of the racing Rileys was the Riley Nine which, In 1928,
set eight international records at Brooklands, including an
average speed of 97.5 miles per hour over a five-kilometer
stretch and a distance of 511 miles covered in only six hours.
This remarkable performance was achieved with a four-
cylinder, 32-horsepower engine-an engine that formed the
basis of all Riley engine designs until 1957.

From these racing Rileys, an impressive stable of sports
models emerged. Perhaps the finest was the Riley Sprite,
which was introduced with no advance publicity at the 1935
Motor Show. The chassis for the Sprite was modified from that
of a previous model; the beautifully crafted two-seater's
coachwork featured a folding windscreen, streamlined radi-
ator cowl, full weather protection and even an enclosed lug-
gage compartment-unusual for a sports car of the day.

Stamp issuedby Bhutan -August 1984

Below - What looks like the first Riley from Eynhallow an uninhabited island which issues lots of stamps! for more information click here :- Eynhallow 
Below -   A Jersey mini sheet of 6 stamps with a Riley RMA printed on the sheet.
Below - 2019 Guernsey stamp, for information on Guernsey click here -  Guernsey 
Below - 1995 Vintage and Classic cars 1995 from the Isle of Man, for more info on IOM click here :-  IOM 
A vintage 12th July 1933 video of Freddie Dixon winning the Isle of Man "round the houses" / Manin Beg race driving No.7 his Riley special is available to view and buy here :-  Video , stills from the video are also available.

Below - 1982 10P stamp, not on a Riley but the famous Riley driver Freddie Dixon riding in the Isle of Man 1927 junior TT race, for more info on the Isle of Man click here :-  Isle of Man