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Riley 75th anniversary poster 1896-1971
On the subject of anniversaries some related badges - 
Riley 100th anniversary poster 1896-1996 and centenary dish.

And to go with it a woven bookmark and descriptive paperwork ref the centenary.
Text from the back of the bookmark - 

The Riley bookmark (a limited edition of 250), commemorates 25 years, in 1994, since the ending of Riley car production in 1969, and 100 years, in 1996, since the formation of the Riley Cycle Co. Ltd in 1896, the year the Riley family finally left the ribbon weaving industry; of which they had been a part probably for nearly one hundred years.  This industry had been the principle trade of Coventry throughout the nineteenth century.

Although the quality of Coventry made silk ribbons was renowned, as fashions changed the industry declined (There is but one surviving firm left now from that distinguished line of ribbon weavers, J & J Cash Ltd).

One of the first to diversify away from ribbons was Thomas Stevens, who adapted his Jacquard looms to produce bookmarks in 1862, and subsequently went on to manufacture his “Stevengraph” pictures, now collectors’ pieces.

Cash’s still continued this Victorian bookmark tradition on their specialised looms.  Up to3,000 laced “Jacquard” cards were used to operate the looms for each individual design, but these have now been superseded by a continuous, folded card; and each Riley Bookmark takes approximately a quarter of an hour to weave.

The lower picture shows the new Coventry Cathedral, featuring Epstein’s statue of St. Michael and Lucifer, and the upper picture shows the poignant ruins of the old Cathedral, destroyed in 1940 during the wartime bombing of the city (Unfortunately the Stevengraph factory, and all of their old stocks, were also destroyed at the time).

Scottish motor show, date unknown but suggested to be pre-war, 63x52cm
RAC 75th anniversary poster "The age of the motor car" featuring a Riley.
To accompany the roving exhibition a book was available and even a commemorative envelope, carried on the London to Brighton run.
Print, I assume was a free gift with an issue of "The Automobile" magazine showing a full set of 25 cigarette cards including Riley.
A clearer picture of the Riley card can be seen on my  Cigarette cards page.

Not posters but super quality banners available on ebay, great for the garage wall!
Ulster Riley club poster celebrating the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ards TT. See also  Riley_Art_at_Ards .
1935 British Empire Tropy Race poster, more details on the races here - which was won by Freddie Dixon driving a Riley (of course!)
Also the front cover of "Speed" magazine and some pictures from the circuit showing Freddie sat on his car number 31and with Fay Taylor at a different venue I guess as the number 11 is not correct for this race.
The race was organised by the very exclusive British Racing Drivers Club, more details on the club here - .
The first print is a copy seen at  Shuttleworth , reproduced here with their kind permission.